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At Georgia Appliance Repair, your most valuable dryer can stay as efficient as it is from the first time you use it. Dryers are one of the most basic needs a household must have. It is a powerful appliance used to eliminate moisture from a bunch of clothes and other textiles. If sunlight is not available and you need a certain clothes to wear the very next day, a dyer can benefit you the most. Learn to stick with us for we certainly know what can be the cause once your dryer malfunctions. We have available dryer spare parts too if your dryer necessitates a new part of it. Call us today for a schedule of your dryer repair and maintenance.


One of the most needed and commonly used appliances at home is the washer. Once you get a good brand, it can benefit you for a long time. However, it is very possible that no matter how branded your washer is, it may still experience issues for some time. It may have issues in rotating or its motor can overheat and may be burned. If this is the problem of your washer today, call us now at 678-542-5598 to solve this problem at hand. With our wide experience and highly-professional repair technicians who can simply diagnose the problem of your washer, what would you look for more? Our service is warranted, giving you great satisfaction! Dial the phone now!

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