About Us

Georgia Appliance Repair is one of the trusted appliance repair service provider in Georgia and is one of the leading companies when it comes to providing the best repair services for whatever appliances. At our company, we always make sure that we can provide customers with the highest standards in professional appliance repair services. Prices are never a problem as we are providing competitive yet affordable rates that would suit the budget of any homeowner.

With affordable rates, we make sure that our technicians will not compromise any of their repair services. Satisfaction is always guaranteed as we implement strict protocols for all of our services. Be it repair services, installation or replacement of different parts, our company can always provide it for all of our clients no matter what their appliances are.

Highly Skilled Technicians

All of our technicians are highly skilled. They are trained in doing repairs for laundry and kitchen appliances and they have more than 25 years of professional work experience with factory service. Our technicians are also EPA certified, insured and of course licensed.

With 25 years of experience and the continuous training that our technicians go through, there is definitely no doubt that they can keep pace with the emerging technology in their work field. They are working closely with the latest engineering design to keep up with the changes in the field and make sure that they can repair whatever types of appliances the customers may have.

We only hire technicians that are equipped with skills, knowledge and proper training for repairing or installing any appliances, which make it an advantage for us to standout among the rest. Given that we require them to undergo continuous training, you and other clients may feel secured that the kind of professional services that you are looking can be provided with ease.

Another thing that can set us apart from others is that, we have the modernized processes in connecting to any modern appliances and download a complete diagnosis of its issues in a short period of time. This allows our technicians to come up with the process on how to fix it and only repair the part where the main problem is diagnosed. It is sure to give you the peace of mind that no other parts will be moved that would cause another issue in the future.


At Georgia Appliance Repair, we provide much value with the guarantee of satisfaction with all of our clients. We only us genuine replacement parts right from manufacturing companies to make use of its warranty. All of the parts that we use with our services have 1 year warranty, which makes it possible for all of our clients to call us right away and ask for replacement or repair of the parts at no expense.

We Provide Services for Any Appliances

Clients will not have to worry about finding repairmen whose expertise is a single kind of appliance only as we are catering our services for any kinds of appliances. At Georgia Appliance Repair, we can diagnose, install and repair different kinds of appliances that you are currently having problems with. Whatever major laundry or kitchen appliance problems that you have, you can expect us to be right in front of your door steps several minutes after you call for our services.

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