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If your microwave is not opening or heating, we, at Georgia Appliance Repair can help you repair, troubleshoot and maintain the overall functionality of your microwave. With our exclusive expertise in household appliance repair together with our complete set of service tool, you have nothing to worry about how we can bring back the efficiency of your microwave. We understand that it can really be a hassle when you cannot preheat your food, thereby, once you call us, expect that we will service you on the same day. This is how we work at GA Appliance Repair! Call us today at 678-542-5598 and schedule an appointment for your repair.


The most common problems of a cooktop includes the burner that works on a different location, the switch which provides wrong setting of wattage or the indicator light that stays on all the time. If your cooktop is experiencing one of such problems, contact us today and never let the problem worsen. As you know, once you neglect a cooktop problem, this can only lead to hazard at home related to fire. Therefore, be a responsible household appliance owner and make sure your cooktop consistently work well! Because at Georgia Appliance Repair, your cooktop is covered with warranty!


Your dishwasher can certainly be a very useful appliance at home. This is primarily made to help those household owners get the job of washing dishes and utensils. Aside from household owners, dishwashers can also be used at the restaurants and fast food chains. This eliminates their task of manually cleaning cooking and eating utensils. This way, they can accurately serve their customers. Once your dishwasher malfunctions, there may be a lot of causes associated with it. To solve any of its problem, simply call us at GA Appliance Repair as our expert technicians and repair tools are always on standby. Give us a call today and we will service you on that very same day!


GA Appliance Repair has the ultimate aptitude at inspection and repair processes for your grill. We have the complete set of repair tools that can help solve any problem of your grill no matter how simple or complicated it may be. Repairing grills and any other electronic appliance has been our job since many years ago, so you can expect a fast and immediate repair solution for you grill. Call us today for more information about our grill repair services!

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